Video News about Vitoria Jazz Festival

We promise ourselves that we won’t do it again -because of the hard job that nobody sponsors by the moment- but we cannot resist: There are so many news that Television Española (public national spanish TV) doesn’t cover! So, here goes a new video-diary of Vitoria Jazz Festival to please the big audience of last year Festival video-diary -more than 160,000 visits up today.

As always, most authentic concerts are in Hotel NH Canciller Ayala, where we found unique moments like this video of Terence Blanchard’s jamm session - the brilliant trumpet player composer of numerous sound tracks of Spike Lee films-, that made at daybreak, after its official performance in Mendizorrotza. AND THIS is another moment of his intervention.

There we have the pianist Cyrus Chestnut with his trio every nigh -check out in this this video the incredible nimbleness of his fingers- in the same venue where we find New York’s Juilliard School masters, like the great trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, that after teaching in the morning at a local School, and play in another concert, still has this big power playing... at 2 in the morning!

Also we enjoyed curisosos moments as this Jazz for a hole. But freshest and openest venue of this year’s Festival is without a doubt the JAZZTERRACE, an interesting programming in the Garden of Falerina at midday, that mixes Jazz, -see Ronnie Lynn Patterson trio in action- , Soul, funk, latin... and rare projects like the amused Santi Ibarretxe & Primital, as we see in this video in which we even find religious melodies with lyrics in Latin and basque languaje… an authentic dadaism update.



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Jordan Trunner -

How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so a lot for sharing!

Jordan Spizike -

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