Compressed air car

Compressed air car

One of the sectors where more resources can be saved is in transportation, but there are many interests in maintaining the dependence of petroleum and the main use of private transport. The European Union, on the other hand, calm the consciences subsidizing biofuel. But these is not enough to replace petroleum, Europe and the U.S.A. must import oil grains to produce it, and this is causing more hunger and injustices in the poor countries or developing ones, as this study of the University Autonoma of Barcelona demonstrates.

For that reason, the development of technologies like the compressed air motor of MDI company is a hopeful new. MDI has developed vehicles whose deposit could be filled by 1.5 euros, circulating up to 110 Km/h during 200 km. Commercial price of each vehicle can be around 7300 euros, and its level of contamination is zero: its exhaust pipe only leaves air.

Who said that do not exist real alternatives? Until where will arrive the agreement with the Tata Indian company ?

5th of June. World Day of Environment.


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