Photographing Ideas - Pilar Albajar & Antonio Altarriba

After closing at Zaragoza and before going to Madrid and other cities, comes to Vitoria-Gasteiz -C.C. Montehermoso, 29th June- 2nd September- the exhibition of photographs The Blond Elephant, by Pilar Albajar and Antonio Altarriba. They show almost 20 years portraying ideas in a special way: Antonio acts as scriptwriter while Pilar takes the photos, marking the aesthetic guidelines and making the scenarios.

In this way, photographs are not taken, are created from the script, they aren't the product of a moment but the result of a long process of assembly, representing an intemporal concept.

On the other hand, Polinomio Estudios has ended a long process of video animation of this photographs, that began in 2004 with the series Sex, Errors, The Hidden Camera, Fears and Manufactures, and has finished in 2007 eith the series Irruptions -see the video above. Based on the script of each photograph and on the special music by CODA, we revisit the visual work of Pilar Albajar and we push the spectator with multiple stories that, between surrealism and black humor, emanate from this creative tandem.

If you are interested on the Catalogue of these exhibitions, or on the video animations -DVD PAL format-, please write to Pilar at : pilaralbajar(at)


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